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Lawn Care and Tree Care - M. J. Cullen†

M.J. Cullen specializes in lawn service, tree care and landscape mangement programs in Rochester, New York and surrounding communities. We have been establishing and maintaining lawns, planting trees and shrubs and managing landscapes for over 25 years!† Our clients and property are located throughout Monroe county.

Our service area for ash tree innoculations to protect from emerald ash borer include all of Western New York, the Finger Lakes region and Central New York.†

We're prepared to provide you with a NO-OBLIGATION lawn, tree, shrub, landscape inspection and service quotation. Simply call 585-755-2204, 585-697-4563 or 585-775-9894.† You can depend on commercial, residential, park, and golf course experience to help make your lawn and trees an asset in your landscape! Get a quote.

Service - we're proud of it! You'll know the person coming on to your property. We're local residents and available 24 hours a day!


With professional, researched and tested products applied after a complete soil analysis of your yard. Providing timely applications according to your growing condidtions.

Weed Control

Preventing and controlling boradleafs, clover and crabgrass with environmentally sound methods. For an overview of our lawn care programs that will enhance the health and look of your lawn and landscape, visit our Services page. There you will also find additional management services that will lead to healthier and better looking trees and shrubs as well.

Insect Control

Monitoring the pest populations on your property and using a "Best Management Practice" approach that is environmentally sensitive. We understand the importance of keeping ourselves, our children, our pets and our environment healthy while also managing pests that can be destructive to our property.


Emerald Ash Borer Killing Ash Trees

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is an exotic, invasive insect native to Asia, and was first detected in Michigan sometime in 2002.

Emerald Ash Borer

If your ash trees are looking sick your tress may be infected by the Emerald Ash Borer.

M.J. Cullen can help!


View Our Emerald Borer Presentation

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