Lawn, Tree, & Landscape Consulting?

A word about tree, lawn care and landscape consultants....

consultingCONSULTANT is best described as someone who is a professional in a specific field with a wide knowledge of subject matter in that field.  Consultation literally comes from a latin word that means "to discuss".  So it would be wise, if you were in need of a lawn, tree or landscape consultant, to connect with one that uses terms that YOU can understand.

Consultants, without generalizing, can sometimes apply thier "consultanese" - or jargon in communicating with you until your eyes get glossy and your wallet feels lighter.  It's important for a consultant to be able to access deeper levels of knowledge, as needed, and to discuss information until it is clear for you to understand.  A good consultant deals with many clients with many needs and will adapt to the level of discussion and communication needed to achieve proper counsel between parties.