M.J. Cullen Lawn Care Services


With professional, researched and tested products applied after a complete soil analysis of your yard. Providing timely applications according to your growing condidtions.

Weed Control

Preventing and controlling boradleafs, clover and crabgrass with environmentally sound methods. For an overview of our lawn care programs that will enhance the health and look of your lawn and landscape, visit our Services page. There you will also find additional management services that will lead to healthier and better looking trees and shrubs as well.

Insect Control

Monitoring the pest populations on your property and using a "Best Management Practice" approach that is environmentally sensitive. We understand the importance of keeping ourselves, our children, our pets and our environment healthy while also managing pests that can be destructive to our property.

Our Lawn Care Program

Our lawn care programs provide guaranteed results which typically includes five visits to your property spaced throughout the growing season.  It's preferable that our ornamental and lawn care and tree care expert meet with you on your property in order to understand your expectations.  In addition, we will explain what your growing conditions are, the lawn composition and plant material you have in your landscape and review plant health and site conditions.

Lawn Care Service Call 1

Identify: Turf type, soil ph, nutrient availability, growing conditions.
Apply: low nitrogen, slow release fertilizer, pre-emergent crabgrass and weed control. This is applied in the spring (March - May).

Lawn Care Service Call 2

Apply: Higher nitrogen, slower release fertilizer and systemic grub control. Spot or broadcast treat weeds. This is performed in late spring (May - June).

Lawn Care Service Call 3

Identify: Soil & turf conditions, insect activity.
Apply: Spot treat insects & weeds, micro-nutrient fertilizer. This is applied during the summer months (June - August).

Lawn Care Service Call 4

Apply:Slow-release, balanced fertilizer, post emergent weed control, spot treat any grub incidence. This is applied late summer (August - September).

Recent concerns regarding nutrient runoff has affected the fertilization regime in our area.  We take into consideration what the soil and plant conditions are and avoid "over-applying" fertilizer.  We use slow release granular blends of fertilizer on the lawn and will use hand held blowers to blow any granules that find their way into the driveway, walkway and street, back into the lawn area.  The product is then in the turf where it belongs, reducing runoff into storm drains and not wasting product or money.