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CUT IT HIGH! – While fertilization adds nutrients to the soil, which subsequently, becomes available to the turf grass plant, the grass plant produces food for itself through the process of photosynthesis – the leaf blade feeds itself! The more surface area a grass plant or leaf has, the greater the ability that plant has to sustain itself!!

The longer the grass blades are, the longer and stronger root system will be had. So, in times of stress, especially drought, deeper stronger roots will allow the entire plant to sustain itself. extending past very dry soil at the surface. Recovery from insect and disease pathogen infestation will also occur more quickly when mowed higher. If your lawn is cut too short, it may not make it through periods of drought and pest damage

IT”S ABOUT COMPETITION! The soil is full of weed seed and crabgrass seed! Longer lawns can “out-compete” weeds by being the fittest and crowding out weeds.

WHERE DO YOU FIND CRABGRASS BEING MOST PROMINENT? The answer is where ever the grass is cut shortest. For instance where the mower “scalps” the lawn or along driveway, walkway and road edges where you or your “cutter” use string line trimmers to “edge” the edges. There is a right way and a wrong way to edge, that’s another topic.

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