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Dave Witzel

Mike service and attention to detail is why we have his service to take care of our lawn for over 10 years. Always reliable and a wealth of knowledge of lawn care.

John and Martha Hannon

We have 23 Ash trees on our property in Chili. Mike (The Ash Tree Medic) injected them all in 2010, and many again in 2014. None of our trees have shown signs of being infected and they are all alive and healthy. A few of our neighbors also treated their trees, but some did not. Most of the untreated trees are dead or dying. Our local area is heavily infested with the ash-borer. The first indication that a tree is infested is significant visible woodpecker damage. We have none of that. We will treat them all again this spring. Drive by and see our trees this summer.

Angie Russell

We live upstate NY in Wayne County. My father has a blue spruce tree that is 30 years old and is very sentimental to him. I feared the tree had a fungus and was not possible to save. Mike provided guidance with regard to fertilizer/water. To our surprise, the tree is coming back to life! It is now a few weeks after our initial treatment. I sent him additional pictures and he made recommendations for compost and mulch. I am excited to see how the tree will look in a few more weeks/months! I can not thank him enough for helping us revive a tree I was sure we were going to have to cut down. Thanks again Mike!

Jim Meyer

We have asked Mike to come out to our home and help us diagnose the problems with our trees on two different occasions a couple years apart. In both cases he made accurate assessments of the problems and how to treat them. On the first visit he suggested a treatment for our ailing black gum tree and within weeks we could see the diference. Ever since then the gum has been thriving. Recently we had him out to look at some of our other trees, and again he was quick to spot the problem (which had been misdiagnosed by others). Mike is very knowlegeable about trees and is my first choice for tree help.

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